I’m Peter Robinson and I’ve spent two long painful decades writing about music and popular culture.

In 2000 I created Popjustice, which I suppose is one of the world’s longest-running music blogs. Yes I know people don’t read blogs any more but that’s not the point. Through Popjustice I’ve curated for Apple Music and contributed an In Residence series for Spotify.

My glorious content has appeared in the Guardian, Q (where I’m a contributing editor), Vice, TIME, heat, GQ Style, BEAT, The Fader and i-D; I’ve also contributed to The Observer, Stylist, The Times, Attitude and Time Out. (Note the egregious inclusion of TIME in that roundup despite my relationship with that title amounting to one article on their website in 2015, which with the passing of time seems more and more likely to have simply been an administrative error. Still! TIME!! Prestige title!!!)

Publications in whose demise I played a small but undeniable part include Smash Hits, Observer Music Monthly, The Face, Melody Maker and NME.

But that’s not all ladies and gentlemen

I do a lot of media training. Sometimes it’s with precisely the kind of popstar you’d imagine might have media training. Often it’s with people you’d never expect. More about that here.

I also get stuck in with consultancy for labels and management companies, which is quite interesting.


— No, I don’t have a podcast. 🎉

— There are other Peter Robinsons, but they’re the wrong ones.

— I could go on about myself for ages. OH LOOK I ALREADY HAVE.

— Fancy getting in touch? Drop me a line.