Hello, I’m Peter.

I work with popstars and popstar-adjacent musicians and creatives in areas like coaching, media training and artist development.

My coaching work also sees me working with a diverse range of people outside the creative industries. (More info on that here.)

My background’s in music journalism. In 2000 I created Popjustice.com which (briefly) became the UK’s biggest independent pop site and is now one of the world’s longest-running music blogs (mainly because I refuse to shut it down).

As a freelance journalist my glorious content has appeared in places like the Guardian, Q (where I was a contributing editor), Vice, ES Magazine, NME (my Peter Robinson Versus column ran for nearly a decade), The Fader, The Observer, Stylist, The Times, Attitude, Time Out, Smash Hits and Melody Maker. My words have also popped up in books, tour programmes and sleevenotes, in award-winning PR campaigns and on the TV.

Have I also ghostwritten books for people in the last few years? I could not possibly comment.

Fancy a chat? Drop me a line.