About me

I’ve been a music journalist for about twenty years. I’ll be honest with you, sometimes it feels like longer.

I run Popjustice.com, which has been online since 2000, and I’m a regular contributor to publications including the Guardian and Q magazine. I’ve also written for titles including NME (where my Peter Robinson Versus column ran for nearly a decade), The Times, Noisey, i-D, The Telegraph, Clash, Observer Music Monthly, Attitude, Notion, The Independent, Time Out, GQ, Smash Hits, Sneak (!), Stylist, Esquire, Melody Maker and The Face.

When I’m not writing I also do consultancy, media training and that sort of thing.

Genesis story: I did a KLF fanzine when I was 15 and got work experience placements at places such as Smash Hits, TV Hits and BBC Radio 5, after which I did Media Studies at Sussex University and put together some PJ & Duncan fanzines, which caught the eye of Time Out. I started freelancing for Time Out, then Melody Maker, then took a staff job at the latter. In 2000 I joined Worldpop.com as Reviews Editor, before heading to NME.COM as Pop Editor. Then I went freelance now here we are.

In 2000 I’d also started Popjustice, which subsequently became Britain’s biggest independent pop website (for a while). There have been spinoff Popjustice books, club nights, podcasts and live events, and in Universal even released a Popjustice compilation CD. By 2008 The Observer was listing Popjustice as one of The World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs, and in 2009 I convinced Virgin Records to give me a small imprint, which released some good tunes but was to all intents and purposes not a roaring success.

Other stuff has included teaming up with Holy Moly’s Jamie East to run Channel 4’s music website for two years, editing the official X Factor magazine X, and taking part in various pundity, talking head, look-at-me-I’m-a-twat appearances across TV, radio, print and so on.

I live in south east London, thanks for asking.