I’ve been a music journalist for about twenty years. I’ll be honest with you, sometimes it feels like longer.

I run Popjustice.com and I’m a regular contributor to publications including the Guardian and Q magazine.

I’ve also written for titles including NME (where my Peter Robinson Versus column ran for nearly a decade), The Times, TIME, Noisey, i-D, The Telegraph, Clash, Observer Music Monthly, Attitude, Notion, The Independent, Time Out, GQ, Smash Hits, Sneak (!), Stylist, Esquire, Melody Maker and The Face.

When I’m not writing I also do a bit of consultancy (click here for more about that), media training and that sort of thing but the precise nature of all that tends to be shrouded in mystery, and when I say mystery I mean non-disclosure agreements.

Genesis story: I did a KLF fanzine when I was 15, got work experience placements at places like Smash Hits, TV Hits and BBC Radio 5, did Media Studies at Sussex University and put together some PJ & Duncan fanzines, which caught the eye of Time Out. I started freelancing for Time Out, then Melody Maker, then took a staff job at the latter. In 2000 I joined Worldpop.com as Reviews Editor, before heading to NME.COM as Pop Editor. Then I went freelance now here we are.

In 2000, I’d also started Popjustice, which subsequently became Britain’s biggest independent pop website (for a while). There have been spinoff Popjustice books, club nights and live events, and in 2006 Universal even released a Popjustice compilation CD. By 2008 The Observer was listing Popjustice as one of The World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs, and in 2009 I convinced Virgin Records to give me a small record label, which released some good tunes but was to all intents and purposes not a roaring success.

Other stuff includes teaming up with Jamie from Holy Moly to run Channel 4’s music website for two years, editing the official X Factor magazine X, various pundity, talking head, look-at-me-I’m-a-twat stuff across TV, radio and print and so on.

I live in south London, thanks for asking.