Media training, consultancy etc

I often help popstars, pop companies and brands make sense of what they’re doing.

Media training

Some media training seems to be about telling musicians not to say anything, which doesn’t do anybody any favours. When I work with artists it’s mostly about helping popstars say what they want to say, and making sure they say stuff journalists and audiences are interested to hear. I suppose it’s more about coaching and media awareness than actual training.

It’s also about making sure they turn their phones off in interviews, because that’s just good manners.

I’ve helped (I hope? They all paid my invoices anyway) girlbands and boybands and X Factor graduates and ‘serious musicians’ and one or two people you definitely wouldn’t think would ever get media training.

If you’d like to chat with me about this, get in touch. I am gentle and discreet.


I’ve consulted about stuff in and around the ‘music’ ‘sphere’ for record labels, broadcasters, management companies, musicians, booze brands, technology companies and other media ‘entities’. I’ve also worked on copy for award-winning PR campaigns.

If you think I can help with something you’re working on, just drop me a line. If I don’t think I’m a good fit for what you’re doing I can probably put you in touch with someone who is, as I have met over a dozen other journalists and am on good terms with somewhere in the region of several.