I’ve lost the actual article and it doesn’t seem to be online anywhere but I wanted to include it in my Greatest Hits list because it was one of the first proper features I wrote, and also because it ties in with two of the list’s other inclusions.

The long and short of it is that The KLF, the subjects of my first fanzine, staged a rather strange comeback in 1997. I was sent to cover the show for Time Out – but I also joined the band after the gig, when they parked up outside the National Theatre, got their ladders out and climbed on top of the building.

Bill Drummond subsequently wrote about my reaction in his book ’45’ (see above), and my reaction to his reaction was covered in my 2015 article on fandom for i-D.

I don’t know what this proves other than that I’ve been going round in circles for a quarter of a century but the feature was quite a big deal for me at the time. (Not such a big deal that I haven’t mislaid it but oh well.)